Rajaji National Park / Chilla National Park

Chilla, Motichur and Rajaji wildlife parks were consolidated into one massive wildlife sanctuary and national park in 1983 and this area came to be known as Rajaji National Park.

Wildlife tours to Rajaji National Park in Uttaranchal take you to a lush land spread on paradisiacal Himalayan foothills carpeted in shades of brilliant greens. Experience the rich biodiversity of Rajaji forests spread over 820.42 square kilometers of Himalayan grounds.

Vast pasture fields, interspersed with chirpine forests, mixed trees, scrubs and riverine vegetation, sustain a wide variety of wildlife and bird species. More than 315 bird species and 23 species of mammals find a natural habitat within the forests of Rajaji National Park in Uttaranchal India.

Photograph elephant herds, see tigers, leopards, sloth bears, chital, sambhar, jungle cats, Himalayan yellow throated marten, monitor lizards, wild boars, ghorals, barking deer, civet cats and other animals. Set out on bird watching tours at Rajaji National Park, Uttaranchal India and spot birds like warblers, parakeets, thrushes, hornbills, pheasants, Indian rollers, finches, woodpeckers, jungle fowl, peafowl et al.

Wildlife tours to Rajaji National Park offer you an enchanting opportunity to revel in angling tours on the banks of River Ramganga with wildlife tours and tour packages. Commonly spotted fishes include trout, kalabanse, goonch and mahaseer.

Well connected to civilization, the forests of Rajaji National Park Uttaranchal are located close to the Dehradun and Haridwar railheads. The months in between November and March are just perfect for those interested in wildlife gazing at the Rajaji National Park in Uttaranchal, India.