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Enjoy the splendors of tiger country on Uttaranchal wildlife circuit tours with Uttrakhand Holidays wildlife tours and tour packages.

Scour forest trails in the jungles of Himalayan foothills on Uttaranchal wildlife circuit tours with Uttrakhand Holidays wildlife tour packages. Meet the tigers of Corbett; see enchanting scenic splendor at Rajaji National Park and spot rare Himalayan flora on Nanda Devi National park tours while on a tour to the Uttaranchal Wildlife circuit.

National parks, wildlife sanctuaries, wildlife reserves and nature rich forests located within the Uttaranchal wildlife circuit offer nature lovers an unending nature trove that is a constant source of delightful surprises, natural glory and rare wildlife.

With eco-tourism on the rise in Uttaranchal India, more and more tourists are being enticed to come and explore the splendorous natural world alive with wild animals and mountain birds.

Those on special bird watching agendas may tour breathtaking locales near Asan Barrage, Saptarishi Ashram, Chilla and Govind Pashu Vihar and spot beautiful birds that nest in these parts. Enjoy fishing while on tours to the Uttaranchal wildlife circuit with Uttrakhand Holidays tour packages.

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Corbett National Park
Perch yourself on elephant back and sway in rhythm with musical chirps of resident birds as you meet the king of the jungle on wildlife tours within the dense foliage of Jim Corbett National Park Uttaranchal India.
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Rajaji National Park
Chilla, Motichur and Rajaji wildlife parks were consolidated into one massive wildlife sanctuary and national park in 1983 and this area came to be known as Rajaji National Park. Wildlife tours to Rajaji National Park in Uttaranchal take you to a lush land spread on paradisiacal Himalayan foothills carpeted in shades of brilliant greens.
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Nanda Devi National Park
A glorious natural paradise, the Nanda Devi National Park in Uttaranchal India is a fascinating Himalayan wilderness populated with a large concentration of wild animals and birds.Flanked by a deep gorge, breathtaking mountains, chaperoned by snow-capped Himalayan heights, the Nanda Devi National Park in Uttaranchal is an un spoilt paradise, an untouched and surreal forest world set far apart from human settlements.
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Govind National Park
Established in 1955, Govind National Park in Uttaranchal India wraps the hills of Uttaranchal in velvet green forest carpets. Himalayan flora and fauna survive with regal panache amidst sparkling greens with snow-covered mountains in the backdrop. See enchanting wildlife and exotic avifauna on a Govind National Park wildlife tour with Uttrakhand Holidays wildlife tour packages. Commonly sighted wild animals at Govind National Park Uttaranchal India include brown bears, snow leopards, serows, musk deer, Himalayan black bears and rare Himalayan wildlife.
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Dudhwa National Park
An enchanting tiger reserve, Dudhwa National Park is located in the Himalayan terai in Lakhimpur, Uttaranchal India. Spread on 498.29 square kilometers of Himalayan terrain, the jungles of Dudhwa National Park are a delightful medley of marshlands, interspersed with Sal jungles, wetlands and massive grass patches. Set out on excitement filled elephant safaris and course tiger trails accompanied by experienced jungle guides on a Dudhwa National Park wildlife tour to Uttaranchal India with Uttrakhand Holidays wildlife tours and tour packages.
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